commercial parking bike racks

Model : BR54
Size :240*63*950mm
Material :Steel/Galvanized steel
Finishing : Zinc rich primer+outdoor powder coating
Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel brand
Packing: POlyfoam+multilayer kraft paper

Product Details

We are a manufacturer located in Chongqing city and engaged in designing, producing and selling civic equipments like outdoor park benches, trash bins, picnic tables and chairs, flower planters, bollards, bike racks, pergola fence and other public facilities over 14 years already.

We draw on successful production and management experience with over 14 years, bring in some foreign technologies and equipments and have large-scale production ability at present.

When the pedal is stopped, the chain and the coat do not rotate, but the rear wheel under the action of inertia still drives the core and the toggle forward rotation, when the reverse pedal, the coat reverse rotation, will accelerate the sliding of the toggle, so that the "tap" sound more rapid


commercial parking bike racks

Finishingoutdoor powder coating(Akzo Nobel)/wiredrawing
PackingStandard export packing
Mounting methodFlange surface mounted, free standing,embedded
Production time10-30 days after receipt of deposit

The multi - stage flywheel is an important component in the bicycle variable speed device.

The multi-stage flywheel is based on the single-stage flywheel, adding several flywheel pieces, which are combined with the sprocket on the central axle to form various transfer ratios, thus changing the speed of the bicycle.


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