Urban Furniture Steel Bike Racks Parking Stand

Model : BR24
Size :1930*560*540mm
Material :Steel/Galvanized steel/Stainless steel
Finishing : Zinc rich primer+outdoor powder coating
Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel brand
Packing: POlyfoam+multilayer kraft paper

Product Details

Material:The bike rack is made by high-quality steel or stainless steel.

Surface treatment:Finishing is spraying Akzo Nobel zinc rich primer coating firstly and then spray outdoor powder coating which can prevent rust for many years and be able to undertake any weather conditions.

Characteristic:The design of this steel bike is simple to use and easy to place.

PurposeWorkable to be placed in park, patio, scenic area, retirement homes, street, square, schools, universities and any other public areas

Torsional and lateral rigidity (Torsional/lateralstiffness) this is mainly related to by pedal power.Any frame will have a spring against it at the five-way pipe when the pedal is applied.


Urban Furniture Steel Bike Racks Parking Stand

Finishingoutdoor powder coating(Akzo Nobel)/wiredrawing
PackingStandard export packing
Mounting methodFlange surface mounted, free standing,embedded
Production time10-30 days after receipt of deposit



This bounce can be felt, and many knights believe that it consumes the force of the tread.Actually, this is not true, because the metal in the frame is a very efficient spring, and the force will eventually be returned, with a relatively small loss.But most riders find this flexibility unpleasant and prefer a more stable frame, especially those who are tall and heavy or who like to stand up and smoke.


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