Stainless Steel Street security bollards

Model : RB01-3
Size :D114*900mm
Material :Stainless steel/Steel
Finishing : Brushed/Outdoor powder coating
Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel brand

Product Details

The hydraulic lifting column belongs to the equipment that controls the passage of road vehicles. It can be used in conjunction with the barrier control system, etc., or it can be used alone. The company mainly focuses on: fully automatic hydraulic lifting columns. The lifting column is mainly divided into three types: automatic lifting type, semi-automatic lifting type and fixed type; automatic lifting type is divided into hydraulic lifting type and electric lifting type. It is mainly designed and developed for sensitive areas to prevent non-permitted vehicles from forcibly breaking in. It has high practicability, reliability and safety. It is composed of bottom base, lifting and blocking barricade column, power transmission device, control and other parts. According to the different needs of different customers, it has a variety of configuration methods for users to choose and can meet the functional requirements of various customers.


Steel parking roadblock bollard

Material Stainless steel/steel
Powder Brand Akzo Nobel/Dupont/Dulex;
Mounting method Flange surface mounted, free-standing
Production time 10-30 days after receipt of deposit
Finished Powder coating/hot-dip galvanizing/brushed wiredrawing



Anti-bending, anti-aging, high performance



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