316 Stainless steel roadway traffic bollard

316 Stainless steel roadway traffic bollard

Model : RB17
Size :260*260*900mm
Material :Stainless steel/Steel
Finishing : Brushed/Outdoor powder coating
Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel brand

Product Details

The semi-automatic lifting pile is made of 304 stainless steel, which is an upgraded version of the manual lifting pile. Mechanically control the lifting of the column, the lifting time is not more than 2 seconds, no power supply and wiring are needed, and it is widely used to manage the entrance of low-frequency use, that is, the traffic crossing of vehicles that do not pass frequently.

The road pile structure is composed of the upper blue plate, the middle blue plate, the lower blue plate, the guide column of the lifting system, the directional structure of the lifting barrel, the accumulator, the lock structure, and the buried barrel.

The upper blue plate and the middle blue plate are load-bearing anti-collision brackets, and the middle blue plate and the lower blue plate are the guide columns of the lifting system, used to ensure the smooth and stable lifting of the lifting barrel, and the lifting barrel is fixed with a directional slide to ensure The lifting barrel cannot rotate and has a certain anti-impact ability.


316 Stainless steel roadway traffic bollard

Material Stainless steel/steel
Powder Brand Akzo Nobel/Dupont/Dulex;
Mounting method Flange surface mounted, free-standing
Production time 10-30 days after receipt of deposit
Finished Powder coating/hot-dip galvanizing/brushed wiredrawing



Anti-bending, anti-aging, high performance



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