Fixed parking bollard traffic bollards

Model : RB03
Size :260*260*900mm
Material :Cast iron
Finishing : Outdoor powder coating

Product Details

Product Name: Nanning High-tech Zone ASEAN Huigu Supply Barricade Cone Red PVC Road Cone Barricade Facilities

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Specifications; base diameter 32CM*32CM height 70CM weight 3.0KG

Material; Plastic PE

Color yellow white or yellow black

Product Usage】

It is used to be placed in the middle of roads, dangerous areas and road construction sections, etc. It is set to temporarily separate the traffic flow, guide the traffic, guide the vehicles to bypass the dangerous sections, protect the construction site facilities and personnel and other places around or other suitable places. Generally used in urban intersection lanes, highway maintenance, traffic police law enforcement, road administration law enforcement, hotels, communities, sports venues, dangerous areas, road construction lots, etc.


Fixed parking bollard traffic bollards

Material Cast iron
Powder Brand Akzo Nobel/Dupont/Dulex;
Mounting method Flange surface mounted, free-standing
Production time 10-30 days after receipt of deposit
Finished Powder coating/hot-dip galvanizing/brushed wiredrawing



Anti-bending, anti-aging, high performance


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