Street retractable bollards barrier

Model : RB16-2
Size :260*260*900mm
Material :Stainless steel/Steel
Finishing : Brushed/Outdoor powder coating
Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel brand

Product Details

Use of roadblocks: Aluminum alloy strips are connected by steel rivets into movable brackets, which can be pulled apart at will when used, and can be easily closed after completion of the work. The triangular lancet has a central vent hole, and there are abandonment grooves on each edge, which are connected to the central hole. After the puncture needle is inserted into the tire, the air in the tire will be quickly released directly from the central vent hole. When the wheel touches the hard die-cast zinc aluminum alloy nail barricade, due to the pressure during driving, the wheel is pressed against the triangular lancet on the barricade. The triangular lancet will penetrate the tire with the direction of the wheel's movement and open with each ≥15 Deflated per second, pneumatic tires will separate the puncture needle from the barricade. When the wheel continues to rotate, the puncture needle on the tire gets deeper and deeper, and the gas in the tire escapes from the inner hole of the puncture needle. Generally, four to six steel nails will penetrate into the tire, and all the gas will be released in less than 20 seconds, so as to effectively intercept the vehicle.


Street retractable bollards barrier

Material Stainless steel/steel
Powder Brand Akzo Nobel/Dupont/Dulex;
Mounting method Flange surface mounted, free-standing
Production time 10-30 days after receipt of deposit
Finished Powder coating/hot-dip galvanizing/brushed wiredrawing



Anti-bending, anti-aging, high performance



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