Ancient Greece

- Nov 29, 2016-

1, Lectra Doric or DORIC ORDER column: is a kind of column bases of the cylinder, placed directly on the order, by a series of drum-shaped stones one by one up, stout is Grand. Cylindrical surface from top to bottom are carved with a continuous Groove, Groove number in the range of between 16 and 24. It comes from ancient Egypt, famous France Egypt scholar named Doric, is this Greece-post pioneer. Doric columns also known as male column. The famous Acropolis (Athen Acropolis), the Parthenon (Parthenon) that is used is Doric.

2, an ionic column Ionic Order: this column a little slender light and delicate carvings of long pillar, the fine down heavy, but no arc, pillar grooves deep and is arched. Stigma above decorative belt and positioned on the two connected circular scroll up scroll directly with top cover on entablature. In short, it gives a lively, free and beautiful femininity. Ionic order also known as the women's column. Ionic order due to its elegant temperament, widespread in ancient Greece in a large amount of construction, such as the Acropolis Temple of the goddess of victory (the Temple of Athena Nike) and Eric Ong Temple (Erechtheum).