Bike rack

- Nov 29, 2016-

Bike rack according to the purpose can be divided into the bike frame and the car bike rack.

Classification of car bike racks


Car bike racks are bike or bike is fixed on a device carried on the vehicle.

Other names are: carrying carrying frame, frame, bicycle bike rack, car bike racks, bicycle stands;

Bike rack installation in different ways, can be divided into a car roof bike rack bicycle-frame, back, butt-style bike rack.

Main brands: foreign Sweden music extension, New Zealand, and Germany love music, Germany West Farley and the Netherlands the Hubble and the Japan wing noble, the brand only armor-dimensional one.


According to a stationary bicycle or fixation of different bike rack is currently divided into three categories: the top-mounted, spare, trailer type, currently Europe's most fashionable trailer ball is the most popular.

First is the top bike rack: also called a car roof bike rack, benefit is that you can pick up a bike at the same time fast, professional, safe, stable, by bicycle clubs love and professionally. Drawback is that in a car after the roof of a stationary bicycle, height increase, would be affected by; most firmly and safely in the world's top-mounted bike rack using the dual arm design, such as Germany's ride armor-dimensional bike rack bike rack and China.

Second class is back type bike frame: by metal linked and back door of sheet metal gold gap connected, General not effect back door of opened, advantages is relative Yu top reset bike frame, take put bike more convenient, shortcomings is up fixed role of metal linked will on body sheet metal gold more or less brings must effect, sometimes bike is loft hanging with may will block car plate, this class products type more, no a brand has most obviously of advantage.