- Nov 29, 2016-

First determine how big is the area of the dining area, either in special restaurant is in the living room, the study also features restaurant, first determine the dining space that can be occupied the largest area is.

Second can be selected according to the overall style of the room. Luxury bedroom if it is renovated, the table you should choose the appropriate style, such as European-style classical style; if the room style emphasizes simplicity, you could consider buying a glass top clean style. In addition, the old table does not necessarily have to throw in today's emphasis on natural style trend, if you own a vintage solid wood dining table, you can put it into the new House, just covered with a color coordinated tablecloth with the renovation, and another elegant.

Table shape on the home atmosphere had some impact. Rectangular dining table is more suitable for larger parties and round table feel more democratic atmosphere; do not rule the desktop, such as a "comma" shape is more suitable for use in two small, warm and natural while folding style, than fixed and flexible to use.

Tables are especially needed contrast. Some people say that a table is a allow you to dress up the model. In order to show its unique style, you can select different cloth, plain linen cloth shows a traditional flavor, bright tablecloths can be a cheerful and lively atmosphere. In addition, the table above with appropriate lighting, both people enjoy food "color" of the United States, but also to create a charming atmosphere. Dressing table and family and friends to enjoy a cooking dinner, thick, and all in one.