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- Sep 25, 2020-

Affected by the epidemic situation, the family based fitness activities have been greatly expanded. Only during the epidemic period, the sales of fitness equipment increased by 10-15 times. From the side, it reflects that people's health concept and fitness habits are changing. Using all available means to achieve the purpose of fitness is becoming an ideal way of healthy life pursued by many people .
the increasing number of people choose to exercise at home and outdoor exercise. This sudden outbreak of public sentiment pneumonia has brought the general public to realize the importance of health and put them into the ranks of sports fitness.
New fitness equipment can be installed outdoors or indoors, such as living room, balcony, etc.Of course, you can also choose the fitness equipment in the gym to surprise you.

Chongqing Arlau Civic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in designing, producing and selling civic equipments. We draw on successful production and management experience over 15years.
We have won a favorable reputation in outdoor furniture industry and have obtained ISO9001/14001/18001.
quality management system certification, SGS certificate and inspection our factory, gotten the "observe contract and We believe that trustworthy faith win public praise and reliable quality achieve "Arlau" brand. 
keep promise" enterprise title by Chongqing city administration for industry and commerce.

The company mainly produces fitness equipment, outdoor tables, chairs,bench,flower boxes, garbage cans and other outdoor public facilities

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