- Nov 29, 2016-

European standardization of ancient stone and beam construction of several art forms. On the columns including column, entablature and column base of the art form. Mature-post from the whole composition to line, Groove, decorations and other details are formed, the proportions of the parts are broadly stable, characteristics, determine the building style. Column was formed in Greece and Rome developed.

Origins of European classical columns in Interior and exterior decoration is often called "continental" style, but you can also see some "column" of finishing, this paper mainly studies the European origins of classical order. Classical order in Europe mainly Doric-style, aiaonike, Corinthian, portrait-post forms, in its basic form in ancient Greece had been formed. European classical "column type" this word, the generalized mean ancient Greece architecture, mainly the Temple of style and structure of the system as a whole, narrow the pillars and columns and relationships on the entablature and the order, the "type" of the title is named after the ancient Roman.

In the cultural and artistic history of the world, column type is the most important part of the architectural art of Europe, its shape, decoration, as well as the cultural spirit of standard Western so-called "European" art style of architectural culture, but also affects the structure of Western furniture art forms and cultural identity. From the legacy of the current period in architecture and furniture design, we can see the evolution of this column shift characteristics. However, the European origins of classical order, had to refer to ancient Egypt and named after, since ancient Egypt, named after the column type of the European pioneers of building column culture.