- Nov 29, 2016-

Seeder (seeder) cultivated in crop seed for sowing machines. For a class or a crop planters, often dubbed the species name, such as grain drills, corn Hill, cotton planter, grass sowing machine.

Europe's first seeding in 1636 in Greece is made. In 1830, the Russians made retrofit seeding unit on an animal-drawn plow plow seeder. Britain and the United States in 1860, began mass production of animal-drawn grain drills. After 20th century appeared the traction and suspension of grain drills, as well as using pneumatic seed drill. 1958 Norway the first centrifugal seeders, 50 step by step after the development of precision seeding-machine.

In the 1950 of the 20th century, China imported grain drills, cotton planter, and 60 have suspended grain seeders, the successful development of centrifugal seeder seeder, universal rack and air suction seeder and other models, and successful development of Polish type metering device. To the 70 's, has formed a seed cultivation, General machines and grain combine seeder and two series into production. For row crop, pasture, grain, vegetables, various drills and hole sowing machines are widely used. Meanwhile, successfully developed a variety of precision seeder.