Mid Century Modern Apartment Cast Iron Mailboxes

Model : ts01
Material : steel
Finishing : Zinc rich primer+ outdoor powder coating (Dupont)/Thermoplastic
Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel

Product Details

Mailboxes, as one of the supporting products for newly built communities and office buildings, are not only an important carrier for users to receive emails and various bills. With the continuous upgrading of products and the introduction of new surface treatment methods, people are more and more inclined to meet their functions. Yu used it as a decoration of the building.


mid century modern apartment cast iron mailboxes

Powder BrandAkzo Nobel/Dupont/Dulex;
Mounting methodFlange surface mounted, free-standing
Production time10-30 days after receipt of deposit
FinishedSteel Anti-rust finish:hot-dip galvanizing/zinc-rich primer coating;

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