Australia A City Council Pushed Color Bins

- Nov 29, 2016-

Manninghanmu of Melbourne City Council said public garbage cans in the city fell into disrepair, has been used for as long as 17 years, decided to replace the old trash. New litter bins have a variety of sizes, with brightly colored covers. Among them, the Red garbage can lid used for general waste, yellow garbage can lid used for recyclables, and green garbage can lid used for kitchen waste. They will replace the original dark green trash can.

However, one Member said new color trash will make the streets look like "paint", because color lid trash can looks more like a bucket. Local people said they were not "sold", a lot of people say, do not want this kind of trash in their home or on the street in front, because they look so much like the paint bucket, if put into the streets like "paint factory of chaos after the hurricane."

Public Geoff Gough said: "old garbage can color is very natural, and can be easily integrated into our environment. Which is why Manningham had selected them. "Harrison, head of Parliament (Leigh Harrison) says the" tricolor system "in Australia are common, and is widely used in Victorian, colored trash can help raise environmental awareness. And the new tricolor trash compared to the old of the same size, will reduce every year residents spend 65 Yuan. But residents of large size trash can take some more.