Bike Racks Protect The Expensive Car More In Line

- Jul 13, 2017-

Bike Racks In fact, in the holidays, carrying a bike trip to the private car we have met a lot, then how to choose their own needs in accordance with their own bike frame it? See below -

According to the location of the bike frame can be divided into commonly used roof type, back hanging type, and less commonly used car type. Three ways are different, but also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages, roof rack is facing the biggest problem is that it will directly increase the overall height of the car, the car okay, the higher the car, such as SUV plus roof rack after the bridge, the tunnel often meet the limit High problem. Due to structural reasons, will increase the wind resistance, so that increased traffic noise. For the strength of the girls, because the bike to lift to the roof, it is not easy. But as long as the amount of good body height, pay attention to the high limit along the way, pay attention to the top frame marked speed limit (usually 100 km / h), think of riding fun, these little trouble is worth over.

The use of roof racks first need two base rod, because the Bike Racks is generally vertical installation, so we need two horizontal base rod, now the vast majority of models have original roof rack reserved mouth, a small number of models need to install The There are some roof models larger arcs, such as some ultra-running, you need an additional rod to set up the base frame. After the base frame installed in addition to bicycle components, you can also set up a snowboard, luggage warehouse, etc., once and for all.

After the basic frame installed can choose the appropriate bike frame, and the most important thing is optimistic about the weight of their own bicycles, select the appropriate range of roof rack. In addition, in addition to the burden of the car, there is a type of roof racks need to disassemble the front wheel of the bicycle, the demolition of the front wheel need to be placed in the car, please pay attention when the distinction. According to the size of the different models, the roof can generally carry two bicycles bicycles, with a wide roof of the large car can be in the roof two anti-back three car, and professional team car can often carry ten More cars

Follow the instructions to lock the car, fixed, you can set out. Pay attention to limit high, speed limit, half-way off when the attention of security, to the destination can be open friends.

Simple back-hanging bike frame is a fast loading and unloading of the whole, with a strap fixed, the bike fixed in the rear, because the lifting height is not so high, so girls can easily operate. Due to structural problems, the back-hanging rear-end frame can withstand greater weight, but also because of the installation site problems, resulting in less wind resistance and noise, is the more popular rear car frame structure. But the rear back-mounted Bike Racks inevitably increases the length and width of the car, in the driving time to pay special attention. When carrying a bike, the trunk can not be opened, and hanging in the rear of the bike is also inevitably block the vehicle's license plate and taillights, in the driving level left hidden.

A carriage-type Bike Racks with a trailer hook

Bracket-type bike frame to solve this problem, the car circuit and the rear frame connected, taillights, brake lights can be used as usual, there are dedicated license plate rack, the Bike Racks itself is more stable, to protect the expensive car comparison The But this bike racks need to use the trailer hook, the cost is more expensive, it is not easy to split at any time, more suitable for frequent ride riders use.

Hanging back

The prodigy type bicycle is an extension of the rear care rack, and some of the spare tire structures that carry the spare tire in the trunk are loaded with bicycles, which are easy to disassemble and are relatively stable. They are between the rear bracket and the ordinary There is a combination of both sides of the back-mounted Bike Racks. But can be equipped with spare tire bike frame models more single, and spare tire and bike will be on the trunk of the hinges caused by greater pressure, depending on the situation of their own models and whom.

Car-mounted bike frame inspired by the motorcycle transport vehicles, mostly transport limited vehicles, expensive cars and manufacturing, the current market is not a large brand for the development of large quantities of civilian products, mostly enthusiasts or professional team Modified. Structurally speaking, the interior Bike Racks is mainly a horizontal fixed rod, fixed in the car luggage rails or luggage beams, plus the fixed car itself, the composition of the vertical fixed rod. Some of the pickups are also used in the same way. If the DIY ability, with a wooden plate is also possible, as long as you can put in, the other is not a problem.

Car bike frame so that the car from the wind and rain, there is no noise and vibration concerns, but the vehicle itself is a high space requirements, it is difficult to disassemble, recovery. But also because of the high degree of problems, often to remove the front wheels of the bike, and in the ride back when the dirty bike is also easy to pollute the interior. So for now, the market share is smaller.