Bike Racks Reduced Space

- May 31, 2017-

Although the public transport is now very developed, but there are many last kilometers of the problem needs to be resolved, such as the cell door to the bus station or subway station. This situation, in fact, riding a bike in the best way, low-carbon environmental protection for the city to ease congestion. But with a variety of red car, small yellow car to join the street more and more bicycles, placed also become messy, then how should this problem crack?

Recently, foreign designers have invented a new Bike Racks, compared with the ordinary Bike Racks, more space-saving. This Bike Racks is different from the traditional design, it uses a 30 degree tilt angle design, this new design, you can let more space to place the bike.

The tilt angle design reduces the space occupancy

Ordinary Bike Racks, when showing a 90 degree angle, the need to account for one meter eight length, and 45 degrees, then the need to account for one meter two length, and now 30 degrees of design, it takes only 0.85 meters length distance.

Overall, this new bike bracket design is very clever, small changes have brought a big difference, reducing the space occupied, it can be said to be worthy of a comprehensive promotion.

 Many owners are bike enthusiasts, holiday to bring three five friends, 4 +2 form of travel, in recent years is more popular. We usually choose to drive to the designated location, and then remove the bike ride. On this way, because the car Bike Racks was fined a few. What is the traffic police unreasonable or express provision?

According to Article 54 of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law:

Motor vehicle vehicles shall not exceed the motor vehicle driving license on the approved load quality, loading length, width shall not exceed the car, and should comply with the following provisions:

(A) heavy, medium-sized trucks, semi-trailer load, height from the ground shall not exceed 4 meters, carrying containers of vehicles shall not exceed 4.2 meters;

(2) The height of other motorized vehicles shall not exceed 2.5 m from the ground;

(C) motorcycle load, height from the ground shall not exceed 1.5 meters, the length shall not exceed the body 0.2 meters. Two rounds of motorcycle load width of the left and right shall not exceed the handlebar 0.15 meters; three motorcycles load width shall not exceed the body.

(4) passenger cars in addition to the body outside the luggage rack and built-in suitcase, not cargo. Passenger car luggage rack cargo, from the roof height of not more than 0.5 meters from the ground from the height of not more than 4 meters.

The first three may not apply, the last sentence provides, from the roof count height of not more than 0.5 meters, the roof after loading the bike was significantly higher, so once the traffic police really, you can not punish you no temper.

So back to the Bike Racks? The first thing to solve is to not block the number plate. Currently on the market car Bike Racks models varied, and each car to install the plate where the place is not the same, it is prone to block number plate problem, once found, the consequences we all know.

If there is no shelter, we still need to refer to the regulation, the width of the carrier shall not exceed the width of the body. Although the traffic regulations outside the luggage rack and built-in luggage can be used to load the goods, but the problem of unauthorized installation of luggage racks have to be another matter, strictly considered to be privately modified vehicle category, was found to be fine penalties The

But there are exceptions, in the bike resources rich areas, such as Qinghai, the traffic police has long been surprised at the car luggage rack, under normal circumstances will not be investigated. Most areas because of irregular regulation, whether the punishment is mainly dependent on the traffic police mood, arbitrariness. But strictly speaking, the car luggage rack is indeed illegal, riders on this issue or to be careful.