Bike Racks Strengthen Rigidity And Safety

- Aug 02, 2017-

A bike, do not look simple, just from a frame point of view, is also very knowledgeable. We are now riding a bike, a large part of the professional bike,Bike Racks the price ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, excluding the brand value does not say that the price difference to a certain extent, the performance of the use of materials and manufacturing process different. Xiaobian got some famous Bo on the bike material description, analysis was also quite reasonable.

Do you think that:

- aluminum frame ride up the most uncomfortable?

Titanium frame is soft and slippery?

- steel frame has a good riding quality but will be with the age of the long and deformation?

In fact, none of the above.

It is a mistake to say that there are a large number of articles about the frame material for a long time. The truth is that as long as the choice of the appropriate diameter, wall thickness and frame geometry, with any of the existing frame material, can be built to meet your riding quality requirements of the frame.

Anybody who tells you that a particular brand of steel (or aluminum, titanium) will be lighter or have better rigidity is in the hair. Between different quality (the same material) between the pipe, the difference is the yield strength, rather than weight or rigidity. From the table that,Bike Racks when the diameter, wall thickness is the same, the rigidity of the aluminum frame is only one-third of the steel frame, titanium frame is only one-half steel frame steel. The valence of aluminum is rather fragile compared to steel or titanium, which makes it easier to damage. In terms of weight, the same specifications of the aluminum frame is only one-third of the steel frame, titanium frame is about half the weight of steel frame.

The above is a general comparison, and not much of a sense, because no one will use the same specifications to build these three different materials frame.

The actual bicycle is added to the calculation according to the characteristics of the material, and the diameter and wall thickness of each pipe constituting the frame are selected. At this time and the frame is mainly related to the diameter of the pipe diameter, and the strength of the main pipe is related to the wall thickness (pipe diameter will be related), and diameter and wall thickness will affect the weight of the frame.

Frame manufacturers must measure the different diameter, wall thickness and frame stiffness, strength, weight of the association, for trade-offs.

Steel and titanium

Returning to the table above, you can find that the titanium frame and the steel frame almost have the same strength, but only half the weight of the steel frame and half of the rigidity. Such a frame because of the smaller rigidity, especially in the long-distance ride when the weight, will feel a bit slippery. Frame manufacturers can use a larger diameter to strengthen the rigidity, although it will increase the weight, but still more than the average steel frame light.

There are many on the vertical rigidity and the relationship between the different frame material cliché, some people say that a certain type of frame can absorb the road vibration,Bike Racks so you will feel more comfortable riding, some people will let you ride up sad and can Feel the asphalt pavement of every crushed pothole. In fact, these claims are unfounded, or these feelings are not from the frame.

The impact force is conveyed by the tires, wheel set, rear fork, seat tube, seat cushion to the seat cushion, and when you encounter the impact force, these parts will expand or reduce the impact of the degree of impact.

The greatest elasticity comes from the tires, and the next should be the cushions. If your seat tube is pulled high, the elasticity of the seat tube is also worth noting. The quality of the shock of the tires is no doubt that we want to talk about the seat stays. The position of the rear fork (the part of the entire impact force transmission system that is the only part of the frame) is directly supported by the force from the ground,Bike Racks along its direction, even if the lightest and the finest, It is not worth mentioning.

There is a situation in which the elasticity of the frame may contribute to the shock absorption, that is, when the seat tube is pumped considerably, only one short end of the seat tube is inserted into the riser of the frame, which may cause some slight curvature at the end of the standpipe. But even so, it is only due to the length of the seat tube caused by a little bit of flexibility.

The design of the rear triangle and the vibration of the road will have some effect, which is why the travel bike tend to design a longer rear fork, this design makes the Knight's position in front of the rear. The shorter after the fork will ride less comfortable,Bike Racks as if sitting in the bus when the last end will be the most powerful, because that position directly to withstand the bumps of the road.