Dustbin (garbage, Waste Containers In Full Bloom)

- Nov 29, 2016-

Trash and waste containers or bins, is a place with garbage.

Trash most of the metal or plastic, available in a plastic bag, when the garbage more than more than a can tie up the bag away. Covered most of the trash to prevent the odor of garbage scattered, some trash can pedal opening. Trash is in people's lives, "filth" container is also a reflection of social culture. Home the trash can in the kitchen most, dropping the kitchen. Some families in the main room of the home. Some playground dust bins specifically designed as cute characters.

Name: Trash. A special rubbish, waste containers in full bloom. There are many known as "trash"

Other names: 1, recyclable trash; 2, kitchen waste box 3, hazardous waste box 4, and other trash.

English name: Garbage can/Dustbin/ash-bin/trash can