Garbage In Bloom

- Nov 29, 2016-


A single use, usage is high, public and common household.


Includes three main, recycled, recyclable and toxic substances. (A) the recyclable material is suitable for recycling and resource recovery and utilization of waste.


Paper: not badly stained text paper, packing paper and other paper products. Such as newspapers, and wrapping paper, Office paper, advertising pieces, and so on.

Plastic: plastic waste containers, packaging, plastics and other plastic products. Such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, foam, disposable plastic meal boxes tableware, hard plastic and so on.

Metal: scrap metal articles in various categories. Lead-tin cans, tin cans, toothpaste tubes, and so on.

Glass: colored and colorless glass products.

Fabric: old textiles and textile products.

(B) not recycling means apart from the recycling of waste. Common in nature can decompose waste, bark, leaves, food scraps, flowers, leaves and branches, and so on.

(C) toxic waste such as used batteries, fluorescent tubes, mercury thermometers, waste paint, expired medicines.