Garbage To The Site

- Nov 29, 2016-


Trash is in people's lives, "filth" of the container.

Trash is a reflection of social culture.

English name: Garbage can/Dustbin

Trash can use can be divided into public garbage and household trash. Garbage in full bloom can be classified into separate garbage cans and trash can. Processing materials include plastic trash ceramic, stainless steel trash can, trash can, wooden trash can, garbage cans and cement pulp trash, and so on. Opening methods are open, uncover, trample the open cover, sensors (infra-red).

By occasion

(1) public

Special requirements for the environment: outdoors under natural conditions, resistant to high and low temperature, have adequate mechanical strength and good toughness. Easy to clean integration with the environment.

(2) family

Mainly used in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the best use the trash can with lid closed stronger, even if set in open garbage cans for plastic bags, and bags must be tied. And garbage every day, especially fishy waste and toilet waste cannot be left in the trash can for the night not fall. This will prevent mildew, odor emission.

(3) medical

Used to store the waste after clinical use of various solid physical objects and liquids, in clinical laboratory with the patient's blood, body fluids and secretions, mainly, there are a small number of items that can be recycled. Medical waste medical waste management act in accordance with the Ordinance and the medical treatment measures, management of medical wastes.