Good News: Thermoplastic Coating Production Line Will Be Put Into Using !

- Mar 14, 2017-

Early spring in March, despite the feeling there is a trace of chill, but the spring has not felt squeezed into the Arlau's workshop, with a little bit of temperature, Yang opened the staff of the face of the slightest smile.

  March 7, 2017, in Chongqing Arlau company workshop, invested nearly one million yuan of automatic immersion equipment is the orderly installation of equipment. The assembly line will be put into use by the end of March 2017, is the largest in the southwest of the dipping processing plant.

    Metal impregnation is a new type of technology for metal surface corrosion treatment process, this is heated by the plastic powder coated on the metal surface to achieve the anti-corrosion processing technology is called dipping. The dipping process is: pre-treatment of the workpiece → the workpiece → high temperature pre-baking (pre-baking 320 ℃ - 370 ℃ 15 minutes) → dip (vibration, in addition to powder) → more powder cleaning → high temperature curing (180 ℃ - -200 ℃ 10 minutes) → the next workpiece. 

     Metal impregnation technology is a new development of anti-corrosion technology, is the new use of polymer materials. Dip products related to road and railway facilities, municipal garden facilities, agriculture and fisheries and tourism facilities, household appliances, residential construction, outdoor fitness equipment, outdoor leisure tables and chairs, medicine and health, auto parts and other fields. Baptist material is a variety of plastic powder, immersion powder powder and engineering powder: 

    1, civilian powder: mainly used for hanging clothes, bicycles, car baskets, kitchen utensils and other painting, a better level, shiny.

    2, engineering powder: for highway and railway fence, municipal engineering, instrumentation, supermarket grid, refrigerator shelves, cables, sundry goods such as painting, durability, corrosion resistance.

     The impregnated coating layer has excellent chemical resistance, anti-aging, impact resistance, bending resistance, acid resistance, salt spray corrosion resistance, and has good surface decoration performance, its product shape and appearance color can be customized according to user requirements .

     Arlau company set up 18 years, its products have been sold to China's cities, Europe and the United States, Oceania, Southeast Asia and other regions, its dipping fully automated production line put into use, the company will increase the output value of more than 30 million. The development of the Ya-fan sincerely welcome friends and businessmen to my company inspection, joint venture, and seek common development, create Arlau better future!

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