Home Selection

- Nov 29, 2016-

1, try to choose stainless steel and bamboo materials.

Some trash on the market today because of the plastic material sources are not clear, might take some radioactive substances or harmful volatile compounds, there are some health risks, and stainless steel and bamboo not only few such problems, is easy to clean. In addition, smaller trash, might encourage people to take out the trash, reducing the time of germs.

2, at home there were two garbage cans are sufficient.

Trash takes up too much room, and increasing the proportion of pollution, common kitchen, living room. Toilet toilet flush function better, the toilet paper can be used directly after water washed away, no need to put the trash. If you find it inconvenient, you can put a small trash can with a cover. Trash can also be put in place better ventilated, so as to disperse waste odors.

3, kitchen trash can best take cover.

There is on the market with lid and two bins without cover. Kitchen garbage with moisture, easy to smell, preferably with lids. Throw rubbish in the bin drain water before, feel free to seal. No trash can with a lid, put some dry, odorless waste suitable for bedroom or living room. Dry waste in the waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste silver thermometer, expired drugs and other hazardous waste, need-packing and sealing.

4, cleaned.

Because trash bags will damage and contaminate the trash, it is recommended that the best cleaned once a day. Cleaning brush crevice brush, preferably with 84 disinfectant elimination of HIV, final rinse dry.