How Importance Does The Flower Box Play In Urban Construction

- Dec 07, 2017-

 Road flower box: reinforced concrete as the main raw material to add other; flower box, with natural lifelike performance, to cultural Square, parks, residential vitality; protection of the Earth's limited forest resources is to protect the human survival of the home; in the city Greening, a variety of commonly used herbal flowers to create a variety of flower ponds;

1, flower pond: from the turf, flowers and other components with a certain pattern of picture; flowers and flower ponds, integrated flower ponds;

2. Lawn flower pond: a well-trimmed and uniform lawn, a little margin;

3. Integrated flower pond;: both in the flower pond felt pattern.

Road flower box: Reinforced concrete as the main raw material to add other light bone material from condensation. With color, texture and realistic; Durable; Maintenance-free; anti-theft, etc., with the natural environment is very harmonious. Imitation wood imitation stone landscape products not only meet the landscaping facilities or outdoor leisure products, practical functions and beautify the environment, won the user favorite.

Flower boxes, with natural lifelike performance, to the Cultural Square, parks, residential add a strong artistic atmosphere.

Protecting the limited forest resources on the planet is the homeland for the protection of mankind. Imitation wood series of landscape products as a new type of ecological landscape products, its application and promotion of our environmental protection, cherish the nature of the actual action.

In the urban afforestation, a variety of herbal flowers are often used to create various flower ponds, flower beds, flower beds, flower beds, flower boxes, and the like. They are a living flower group decoration pattern. Multi-layout in the parks, intersections, road plaza, before the main buildings and boulevards, riverside green space and other scenic sight line, plays a decorative role. On the active atmosphere, enlighten people's thoughts and feelings are of great significance.