Indoor Trash Bin Help To Improve Sanitation

- Aug 14, 2017-

Indoor Trash Bin help improve environmental hygiene and reduce the incidence and prevalence of disease. The Indoor Trash Bins protects many rubbish from properly handling, and there is no solid waste flying. Garbage littering is prone to produce bacteria and some toxic gases, and even produce epidemic spread of the disease. So the garbage inside the trash need to be promptly cleaned and disinfected, to avoid the emergence of this phenomenon.

Trash also helps to optimize the integration and recycling of resources. Now the city is set to sort the garbage collection garbage collection. Recyclable garbage in the Indoor Trash Bin be recycled. For example, the recycling of waste paper, both conducive to the protection of the environment, but also conducive to the rational development and utilization of tree resources.

Trash is the people living in the "filth" container. Trash is a refraction of social culture.

Indoor Trash Bin be divided into public Indoor Trash Bins and household Indoor Trash Bins. In the form of garbage can be divided into separate Indoor Trash Bins and classified Indoor Trash Bin. Processing materials can be divided into plastic Indoor Trash Bins, stainless steel trash, ceramic trash, wood trash, cement trash and pulp Indoor Trash Bins and so on. On the open way to open, open cover type, stamped open cover, induction (infrared) and so on.

Indoor trash compared to the outdoor Indoor Trash Bin be more attention to detail, more refined. Different from the outdoor Indoor Trash Bin only be a simple bucket plus lid, indoor trash with more hardware, more complete function. From the following parts can be seen.

1, top

The top of the lid can be opened and reversed 180 degrees to flip, so easy to come up with the trash in the liner to facilitate dumping of garbage. In the design, the top of the design of the appearance of nice, and also has an ashtray, to facilitate smokers. Cigarette butts can also be a unified centralized treatment, will not cause other garbage burning and other risks. This is not only to protect the environment, but also to protect the security.

2, put the mouth

Garbage is often a square shape of the mouth, which gives the feeling of more three-dimensional, but also to facilitate the accurate garbage into the trash. This will reduce the garbage and garbage disposal port contact, the trash will be more clean, clean up will be easier. The overall feeling will be more comfortable.

3, the bottom

The bottom of the trash to join the strong gluten, which makes the barrel body more solid, able to withstand most of the pressure. There are four expansion screws to allow the trash to connect to the ground. In this way the Indoor Trash Bin be more secure and safe.

4, small parts

The Indoor Trash Bin has a universal triangular lock. As long as the key at the lock gently into the pressure, to the left and right rotation can open the door.