Leisure Chairs - Housing Provident Fund Sanitation Workers Can Also Enjoy This Year

- Feb 23, 2017-

Beginning this year, Guangzhou sanitation workers can enjoy the housing provident fund benefits, this program by the Urban Management Bureau and the housing security department decided to study. The program allows sanitation workers can enjoy some of the social benefits. At the same time, the welfare of Guangzhou sanitation workers, will also become a model of the major cities nationwide, sanitation workers welfare, in a step up.

According to the Urban Management Bureau and the city housing security department decided to study, according to the different types of sanitation workers, the introduction of different guidelines for the basis of wage standards, the current 3-5 yuan / day environmental post allowance will be adjusted. At the same time issued a "on the further protection of the legitimate rights and interests of sanitation workers strive to improve the level of urban management (Draft)". Clearly put forward, sanitation workers wage freeze to refer to the minimum wage standards for employees of more than ten percent. At the same time requires the implementation of social insurance. Housing provident fund and sanitation workers to ensure the right to rest and vacation. The views of the announcement, to the maximum extent to protect the interests of environmental workers.

Draft clear, social security aspects. According to the provisions of the labor contract system for sanitation workers to pay social security fees (old-age security, medical security and unemployment security, industrial safety and maternity insurance) payment base labor guarantee shall not be less than the minimum payment base Department determined every year. For more than six months of continuous work of the sanitation labor contract employees pay housing provident fund to pay the basic wage specifications shall not be lower than 5% in addition, in order to ensure the sanitation workers to rest, for improved weekend shifts, or the implementation of holidays, rest day overtime wages.

The views of basic pay ten percent of the wages rose by the government is responsible for the city sanitation most belong to the outsourcing services company, in order to make the wages of sanitation workers can be improved, while not to the outsourcing services company in the salary in this child has pressure, the municipal government decided to increase ten percent by the municipal government.

At the same time, Urban Management Bureau of sanitation department called for outsourcing services company related, can be promoted in the treatment of sanitation workers, at the same time, according to the tender requirements for the implementation of the sanitation workers enjoy treatment. The relevant responsible person said: this opinion is carried out, so I can pay the city's sanitation workers led the country. At the same time also to the country's labor service company to lead the sanitation workers.

Many sanitation workers to listen to the implementation of the views, very excited, rented a house for many years the problem can be resolved, while their wages can be improved.