- Nov 29, 2016-


Colorful trash is trash look achieved and colorful. The appearance of a unique and elaborate surface treatment technology of electroplating, spraying plastic. Colorful colors: antique bronze, red bronze, white stars, black stars, red bronze color, wax drawing and other colorful.

Induction type

Sensor dustbin by the IC control by infra-red detection equipment and mechanical and electronic drive system.

As long as the object approaches the induction range, the lid will automatically open, objects or hands from the induction zone bucket cover will automatically turn off after a few seconds, and does not require external power supply, battery-powered, low consumption of electricity. Combined with infrared sensor and microcomputer consisting of beautiful sleek induction clamshell design, flexible and convenient, no manual or foot, it's easy to throw. In addition, convenient health and reliable performance, so as to effectively prevent exposure to infection.

Automatic compression

In 2009 there was a new generation of trash, they are small, with 8 times times more than traditional trash hi-tech rubbish bins. This commonly known as the "big stomach King" bins, looks like a post box. General trash about 181.6 liters of waste, but the "big stomach King" can store 1362 litres of waste at a time. In other words, the cleaning staff every day to collect junk, now only collected once a week. These trash can use sunlight as an energy, automatically compress treatment, garbage volume can be reduced to 1/8, which can "eat" 1362 litres of waste. "Big appetite" trash another feature of the structure is fully enclosed, double door, preventing odor overflow, beautiful and safe, even small animals such as mice can get into. Green, yellow and red lights at the top of, respectively, on behalf of the Pack, filled half, full, allowing users at a glance.