Our Company Introduced The Domestic And Foreign Advanced Automatic Metal Plastic Production Equipment

- Feb 21, 2017-

Chongqing news reporter recently learned, Chongqing Arlau is a professional enterprise engaged in the production of outdoor public facilities, the factory area of 5000 square meters, products are mainly exported to Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia and other regions, 17 years of production and export production enterprises has reached more than 10 years.

The introduction of the latest domestic and international advanced automatic metal impregnation production equipment. The main products are hot dip plastic outdoor chairs, plastic flower box, plastic fence, touch screen and punching steel plate, etc.. Immersion anti-corrosion technology processing workpiece size: 2.5*1.5*1.15 M. DuPont outdoor PE powder coating is used to heat the metal to form a protective film on the metal. Dip coating layer has excellent chemical resistance, aging resistance, shock resistance, bending resistance, acid resistance, salt fog corrosion resistance, and has good decorative performance, smooth bright color surface. Insurable 20 years does not rust, a variety of colors, than the traditional paint, plastic spraying has more excellent performance There is nothing comparable to this.

Color: red, dark green, dark gray, brown, black, blue, white.

Features: Phi layer thicker in 0.5-3MM, has a strong impact resistance, while the protection period is longer;

Technical parameters: fineness: 50 mesh -70 mesh density: 0.92-0.94 g / cm3

Main applications: widely used in highway, railway, parks, gardens and other barriers, bicycle baskets, shelves, racks, refrigerator grille surface coating.