Outdoor Bins Meet The Design Requirements And Specifications

- Oct 11, 2017-

Outdoor Bins appearance inspection should be no damage and deformation, paint intact.

Outdoor Bins internal inspection of electrical equipment and components, insulated porcelain pieces complete, no damage, cracks and other defects.

Before installation, check whether the Outdoor Bins number matches the installation position, check the box number according to the design drawings, and the circuit number in the box.

Box door grounding should be used soft copper braided wire, special terminal. The wiring inside the box should be neat, to meet the design requirements and acceptance specifications

Power Outdoor Bins installation site should be equipped with internal paint to complete, doors and windows have been installed the basic conditions.

Buried pipes and embedded parts should be cleaned up; site with transport conditions, to maintain smooth road smooth.

According to the requirements of the prefabricated steel frame, and do the anti-corrosion treatment, according to the location of the construction drawings, the prefabricated base steel frame on the reserved iron parts, leveling, find the basic steel frame, Embedded iron parts, gasket welding with welding. The final base of the top of the steel should be more than smooth ground 10mm.

Basic steel grounding: After the completion of the installation of basic steel, grounding wire should be welded at both ends of the basic steel, welding surface is twice the width of the flat steel, and then connected with the cabinet grounding row. And do anti-corrosion treatment.

The box that distributes electricity is called the Outdoor Bins

Mainly used for the control of electrical equipment, power distribution, the overload of the line, short circuit, leakage from the protection. Outdoor Bins installed in a variety of places, such as schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, families, such as lighting Outdoor Bins, power cabinet and so on.

Power cabinet:

1, to the power supply equipment (to provide power to the device)

2, start and stop operation of electrical equipment (with start and stop button)

3, the detection of equipment operation (set the signal indicator, a ammeter voltmeter)

4, protection of electrical equipment (circuit breakers)

Switchgear is a complete set of switchgear and control equipment. It acts as a power center and a main distribution device. Mainly used for power lines, the main electrical equipment control, monitoring, measurement and protection. Often set in the substation, power distribution room, etc..