Planter Saves Time And Improves Efficiency

- Nov 03, 2017-

At present, the planter has become the mainstream of the market, driving the development of the seeding market, for more farmers friends brought convenience. Seeder with the promotion of the market and the continuous development of agriculture the type of seeder has become quite a lot, the planter not only replaces the original old-fashioned model of farming, the most important thing is that it has a homogeneous distribution of sowing, efficient and fast characteristics. Do not worry because the cultivation of uneven sowing, resulting in their own crop cultivation effect is not good impact on the harvest of food crops.

The planter is the farmer friend's good helper, in the harvest season, not only reduces the farmer friend's labor force, and saves the time, enhances the efficiency, simultaneously also increases the farmer friend's harvest joy.

The use of Seeder must know how to maintain? Before using the Seeder to check the transmission parts of the seeder gear, check whether the parts can operate normally, the use of lubricating oil to conserve nature is the best, there is a need to check the various parts of the corresponding spring device, such as loose must be replaced in a timely manner. In accordance with the manufacturer's technical requirements for installation, fertilizer boxes should not be loaded too full, when sowing, do not vigorously operation. After the use of a thorough cleaning of fertilizer boxes, the planter placed in easy ventilation and dry warehouse, if it is open storage, to the planter to cover and other operations, in order to prevent parts damage, can be demolished and kept.

The use of large planter maintenance problem is not to be ignored, when the end of a season, the need for long-term storage to save for the next year to better use, custody need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The soil of each part of the planter must be cleaned. Remove the seeds and fertilizers from the compost bins. In particular, the fertilizer box, to clean with water, dry, in the box with anti-corrosion coating (except plastic box).

2, check whether the planter has damaged and worn parts, if necessary, can be replaced or repaired, such as the place where paint should be repainted.

3, the new seeder in use, such as the selection of disc-type ditching device, should be removed, with diesel oil or gasoline will be the outer cone, disc hub and linoleum, such as clean, coated with butter and then installed. If there is deformation, should be leveling. If the disk is too large, the gap between the internal and external cones can be reduced by adjusting the gasket.

4, the soil working parts (such as ditching, construction, etc.) clean, coated with butter or waste oil, so as not to rust.

5. The seeder shall be stored in a dry, ventilated storeroom or shed to avoid open storage. Storage should be supported by the rack, ditching device, the application of the soil board pad, do not directly contact the ground.

6, the seeds of rubber or plastic pipe, fertilizer pipe, etc. should be removed after cleaning, packed into the box or shelves in custody. Can be poured into the tube sand or stuffed hay, etc., to avoid extrusion, folding deformation.

7. The pressure spring on the ditching should be relaxed and kept in a free state.

8, the planter in the long-term storage, the next season before the start of sowing, should be early maintenance and repair, so that equipment in good technical condition

The correct maintenance and maintenance of the planter will be used longer.