Steel And Wood Dustbin

- Jun 09, 2020-

1. The choice of wood is very important to the beauty and service life of steel and wood dustbin. General manufacturers will have the following common wood for you to choose: antiseptic wood, camphor wood, plastic wood, ashtree. Different wood prices are quite different. When purchasing, it depends on the place of use and maintenance. What are the materials of steel and wood dustbin?
2. Ask the merchants about the paint treatment on the wood surface. Generally, the wood in the high-quality steel and wood garbage can should go through the four processes of priming, drying, painting and then drying. In addition, the paint should be libon outdoor polyester paint or Thomson outdoor water seal paint, so that it can protect against water and mildew, inhibit the growth of mold and algae, and reduce the UV radiation Fading.
3. Check the quality of steel structure parts, whether the surface is smooth or not, and consult the merchants whether they have gone through acid pickling, phosphating, plastic spraying and other processes. These processes are essential for the use of steel and wood bins in outdoor environment.
4. Check whether the overall structural design is reasonable, whether the joint is firm, whether the liner is convenient to take and place, and whether there is a gap between the liner and the barrel body if the liner is provided


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