Steel Bench Anti-corrosive And Weathering Resistance

- Nov 03, 2017-

At present, the mushroom planting in the market is mainly divided into: the reverse season planting, the conventional planting, the more summer cultivation of Lentinus edodes These three kinds of planting models adopt arbours production or woodland production, the mushroom is susceptible to seasonal climate influence, the quality is also limited by the natural condition. The technology of planting mushroom in the canopy of the steel curtain facilities not only realizes the scale of production but also reduces the negative influence caused by seasonal climate, making the production of Lentinus edodes more standardized and scientific.

Principle of cultivation of lentinus edodes in large shed of steel-frame curtain facilities

As long as the Steel Bench in the canopy of the Steel Bench is made of hot galvanized steel pipe, the fan and the curtain machine are respectively installed on the wall of the large shed. When the high temperature phenomenon occurs in summer, the electric water pump is used to collect the groundwater into the water curtain machine. Using the water film formed by the ground water in the paper,Steel Bench the hot air in the shed is treated with negative pressure, which causes the evaporation of water vapor, reduces the temperature in the mushroom canopy, and decreases the drought of mushroom fungus due to high temperature, and ensures the mushroom yield.

Second, the advantages of cultivation of Lentinus edodes in the steel-frame curtain facilities

The canopy of the steel-frame curtain is relative to the traditional woodland culture and arbours production, the early stage of construction of the shed is required for the construction of the shed, such as building a long 27m, wide 11m large shed, costing 45,000 yuan. Although the investment is relatively high, the advantages of this greenhouse are obvious.

First, in terms of energy conservation. The growth cycle of Lentinula edodes is compared with other products, it has the characteristics of long production cycle,Steel Bench such as a mushroom tube from the input to the income of about 5 months, this period to carry out several times to replenish water, in batches of mushrooms. In order to ensure the smooth mushroom mushroom, in the summer to ensure that the temperature in the canopy can not be too high, the use of air conditioning cooling method, keep the mushroom room temperature constant in a temperature, the need for long-term air-conditioning in the working state, which leads to increased power costs, air-conditioning losses increase, resulting in mushroom production costs increased, reducing the profits of growers. By estimating the power consumption of the canopy of the steel curtain and the air conditioner,Steel Bench it is found that the cooling of the curtain is one-eighth less than that of the air conditioner. The production cost of Lentinus edodes is greatly reduced, and the benefits of mushroom producers are enlarged. In addition, the air-conditioning cooling is freon refrigeration, water curtain cooling is the use of evaporation heat absorption of the physical principle, in contrast to the cooling of more environmentally friendly, more in line with the needs of social development.

Second, in terms of cooling speed. The curtain can be achieved at a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius in the greenhouse, only 10-15 minutes will be able to achieve the mushroom production shed temperatures drop and maintain at 23-28 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the cooling can have a strong air volume characteristics, with the intensification of water evaporation, heat absorption capacity enhancement,Steel Bench coupled with the fan, the production of mushrooms in the formation of a good air circulation, the temperature distribution more evenly, which ensures that mushrooms in the normal production of summer heat.

Again, in terms of air circulation. Under the action of the wind turbine, mushroom fungus room in the air update about 1.5 minutes, you can quickly reduce the air in the shed, harmful substances, exhaust, dust, etc., so that the air fresher than 95%, this is any air-conditioning ventilation equipment can not reach the effect. Long-term production of shiitake mushrooms in the fresh air, the growth of the shape of the round, delicate taste, excellent quality.

Finally, in terms of the use of time. Because the steel curtain is a hot-dip galvanized steel pipe As the skeleton, more anti-corrosion and weathering resistance than the bamboo-made shed. The General Service life is about 10 years, and the wood quality of the shed is about 4 years.