Steel Bike Rack Increase In Strength And Prevent Back Brittleness

- Nov 03, 2017-

Someone once likened the Steel Bike Rack to a samurai sword, and the sword is the life of the warrior, and the Steel Bike Rack is the soul of the bicycle! Therefore, understanding the Steel Bike Rack has become the first chapter of cycling and car-buying instructions. The ideal Steel Bike Rack emphasizes the light weight, the strength, the rigidity is good, the processing quality and is suitable for the rider's geometrical angle design, can see the Steel Bike Rack knowledge many!

Do you want to buy a car? Do you know how to pick the right Steel Bike Rack for you? In addition to the basis of their own needs and uses to choose the vehicle of the Steel Bike Rack, the selection of different materials will affect the weight of the Steel Bike Rack, rigidity, strength, riding experience, appearance and price. In recent years, carbon fiber car is quite popular, many people have a ignorance of the popular and spend a lot of money to buy carbon fiber vehicles, but the emphasis on lightweight expensive fiber is really the best, the most suitable Steel Bike Rack? To break the myth of the material, we must first understand the characteristics of various Steel Bike Rack materials and their advantages and disadvantages.

Steel Bike Rack material from the earliest chrome-molybdenum steel, evolution to aluminum alloy, and then the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber, and other scandium alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, etc., the industry has been developing new material formulations, improve pipe and structural design capabilities and innovative processing technology, just to make the Steel Bike Rack lighter, stronger, more comfortable and more streamlined. Density is one of the key factors determining the weight of the Steel Bike Rack, the lower the density, the lighter the Steel Bike Rack can be, the density of CR-Mo Steel is 7.9, the aluminum alloy is 2.6-2.9, titanium 4.5, titanium alloy 4.3-5.1, carbon fiber composite 1.6, magnesium alloy 1.7, it is the highest density of CR-Mo Steel, the lowest carbon fiber composite material. However, in addition to the weight of the Steel Bike Rack, but also to consider the tensile strength, elastic coefficient, so although the density is low, but not enough strength.

Generally speaking, the rigidity of the Steel Bike Rack depends on the elasticity coefficient of the material, the steel's elasticity coefficient is 30, the aluminum is 10-11, and the titanium 15-16.5, so when the pipe diameter, wall thickness, the rigidity of the aluminum Steel Bike Rack only the steel Steel Bike Rack of one-third, titanium Steel Bike Rack rigidity also only steel Steel Bike Rack one-second. The strength of the Steel Bike Rack is determined by the yield strength of the material, the yield strength and the quality of the Steel Bike Rack tube, heat treatment process and alloy components have a great relationship. Aluminum's yield point is only 11-59, titanium 40-120, steel 46-162, compared to the lower aluminum is more fragile and easy to damage. In actual design, each Steel Bike Rack of pipe diameter will determine the stiffness of the Steel Bike Rack, strength and weight, pipe thickness will also affect the Steel Bike Rack strength and weight. One of the most suitable design of the Steel Bike Rack in some places to emphasize rigidity, some places to intensity, some places to absorb earthquakes, so must be in different parts of the functional appeal of the appropriate materials, and the combination of different materials technology is also a big test Steel Bike Rack industry.

Steel is used in the bicycle the longest Steel Bike Rack material, the main advantages include the long ride of the rigidity of the good, pipe flexible (shock), pipe bonding and processing, easy to weld and do not need heat treatment, so the cost and price is relatively low. The disadvantage is heavy weight, maintenance is not easy to rust, pipe shape is not easy and metal fatigue problem. However, today many alloy steel has been in the rigidity, elasticity coefficient, transmission, stability has been very good effect, the only ointment is still heavy weight. CR-Mo Steel is the most common in steel, its strength is high and it is easy to be drawn. Molybdenum can increase the strength of steel, prevent the return of brittleness, chromium can make steel corrosion resistance, rust and prevent high-temperature oxidation. Many of the proponents of hand-steel truck are most recommended is its excellent sense of road and suitable for long-distance ride comfort advantages, as steel pipe Glutton said: "Steel pipe is permanent, a forever spread!" "Suitable for use in BMX unexpectedly technology vehicle, long-distance station wagon with truck."

Aluminum alloy is the most widely used material in the market, the advantage is light weight, short time hardness and rigidity performance is best, shape processing is easy, will not rust, to light can be thin tube, strong can also use CNC mold cutting to make exaggerated external and amazing intensity. The disadvantage is that almost no elasticity can be said, will accumulate metal fatigue, but also because of its Ning Min lightweight, high rigidity characteristics, it is easy to convey the vibration of the ground, resulting in poor ride comfort. Aluminum alloy Steel Bike Rack In early 1990 began to popular, after 1995 began to popularize, the general Steel Bike Rack more than 6061 and 7005 aluminum alloy material. Aluminum alloy suitable for racing, enduro and downhill car. The great Technical center points out that compared with the AL7005, there are stress corrosion and welding hot crack, the AL6061 is stable in use and process, but the heat treatment is more complex.