The Environmentally Trash Can Light Every Corner Of The City

- Mar 09, 2017-

First, to the public area to add clean

Trash is not only a must-have item, but also public places and street streets everywhere can see something, its importance is irreplaceable, in the streets of the city it contains garbage, to bring a street Clean, let our breath from garbage pollution. But if outdoors, we can see the trash can add a little idea, into a distinctive trash, this is not to our life added a surprise?
Second, decorate the trash can make people refreshing 
If the trash is just the kind of traditional plastic barrels, we see it only when it is thought to be inside the garbage, and walked over when you can always see inside the dirty things, but if a little modification, such as Tu On a variety of colors, is not to add a little color to the city, let us think that the trash is no longer just a trash can only become a symbol of urban civilization.
Third, the beautiful outdoor scenery 
In some of the more developed cities, especially in some central shopping plaza, we see the green trash can be made a landscape, a creative highlights, such as making a statue, a person carrying a bucket Of the shape, and that barrel is our trash, if you do not carefully observe it, maybe do not know it is a trash, sweet is the outdoor crafts.
Trash the creative road long way to go, before we see the trash when the time will always be avoided, because it is too dirty, after years of sun and look old, it is a symbol of garbage, how to make the trash A city landscape, which can be used as a city to promote the direction of civilization forward, the city will be building a big step forward.