The Garbage Can Is Strange

- Mar 29, 2017-

In the sunshine District, the district residents said they were very strange garbage station instability. Throw garbage are very careful, afraid of their own action too big trash down. Garbage cans can not play a role, residents are afraid to throw garbage can not touch the trash, into the area of the "decorations". Trash can not throw garbage, trash into a "decoration". These stations are unstable garbage cans and residents have a headache.

We came to the sunshine District, found in the area of garbage cans are, just new clothes on the classification of trash style quite unique. In a row, the district is everywhere. We walked up to the trash can and found that there was an unstable phenomenon in the bin. Go to the bottom of the trash bin, and found that the reason for the instability of the station is that the bottom of the trash bin is screw fixed, the problem is that it can lead to instability in the trash bin. Touch the trash and shake the left. Garbage cans because residents dare not throw garbage, trash trash very few, the real meaning of the trash lost some of the features.

According to the relevant person in charge of property management, said: because of the district's many outdoor trash bins are aging, so decided to agree to replace all. These trash can only be installed on more than half a month. When the installation did not find the problem, and the installation time is the factory workers to install. We do not know the trash can be a problem, after the installation is completed, the residents found that the use of trash can not stand instability problems. We will contact the manufacturers, manufacturers said that the cause of our uneven ground lead to garbage cans, unstable". Due to the responsibility of the factory, and now I am responsible for the company's responsible person and the manufacturers to coordinate communication.

When we contact the manufacturers, manufacturers installation workers said: Sunshine Community Wuguan let us install the seat, there is uneven phenomenon. For the bottom of the need to screw fixed trash, the ground is required to harden the ground as well as the level of the ground line. Most of the land where they are uneven is an important reason for the instability of the trash can. It is not the quality problem of our company. Our solution is to allow the property to re select the installation site.

According to the manufacturer's description, we once again came to the installation of trash bins, found that most of the unstable trash station, the bottom of the existence of uneven phenomenon, indeed, as manufacturers say. Chongqing Ya Lou trash company to remind manufacturers to buy leisure chair trash and leisure chair of friends, if need to buy at the bottom with screws fixed chair and trash, must be installed in a horizontal and hardened ground. Otherwise, like the sunshine District trash, after the installation will appear unstable phenomenon.