Trash Processing Materials

- Nov 29, 2016-


Simple, easy to clean, and suitable for indoor use. Outdoors, materials requirement: that is not easy to get older.

Second, stainless steel

Outdoor use will not be corroded by rain, but there were stolen by thieves.

Three, ceramics

Ceramics have been synonymous with high-end products. Ceramic sanitary ware for easy cleaning, and surface finish. Give people an impression of high quality.

Four, wood

Good texture and the environment easy to coordinate.

Five, cement

Its benefits are fixed, being stolen is not an issue (many stainless steel bins were stolen in the city)

Six, pulp

08 Olympic Stadium in China in respect of the use of this kind of trash, above with the "ceramic" and "plastic" and "do not recycle" and printed with the "good luck Beijing". The recycled paper is so strong that are environmentally friendly. About 140 such trash in the Pavilion.

Seven, metal

Metal trash can, typically made with steel, high durability, and can be recycled in the future. Disadvantages of steel is prone to rusting, usually after degreasing and rust, then paint, thereby strengthening the rust of the steel for outdoor use.

Eight, steel-wood

Steel frame, plus wooden decorated outside, it also uses plastic wood or the practice of environmentally friendly wood alternative to solid wood

Nine, glass fiber reinforced plastic

Glass fiber reinforced plastic garbage cans, synthesized by high quality glass fiber and resin coloring it high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, anti aging, sun exposure is not deformed, UV-resistant, easy to clean, easy to trash collection capacity, durable long life, Peel bucket no theft and recovery value.