Umbrella For Life To Bring More Convenience

- May 31, 2017-

The selection of Umbrellas with the outdoor is certainly very different, and the different room for the different trash can be different, so people need to choose the appropriate situation according to different trash, so that value for money, At the same time for life to bring more convenience.

1, the elevator

Ladder-type elevator should choose round trash cans in the diameter of 25cm or so, the height of 61cm or so; square trash cans length and width are about 24cm, height 61cm or so, such a trash can be moderate, easy to find the garbage to find up without affecting the upper and lower stairs. Van ladder should choose the height of 68cm or more, 73cm the following, the material can choose titanium skeleton or marble decoration, which can indirectly set off the building more atmosphere.

2, the door of the hall

Hall door material must be selected titanium and marble decoration, showing the owner or the mall style; height of 68cm or more, the square is more suitable.

3, the hall

The hall of the choice and the lobby of the decoration style and size of the specific, optional, such as whether the smoke, can choose to have a smoke cover or not; lobby marble white floor, optional stainless steel, etc., according to the actual situation Make a choice.

Indoor trash is best not to choose a type of stereotyped, or according to different circumstances to a comprehensive choice, so as to be more to meet people's needs.