Umbrella Light And Flexible

- Jun 13, 2017-

Transparent umbrella is a female favorite fashion personality umbrella, for poor visibility of the rainy days, transparent umbrella cloth line of sight more bright. Transparent umbrella color has a variety of common is pure and colorless and transparent, in addition to other colors, there are transparent umbrella printed on the personality of the fashion patterns, an increase of fashion and fun, style straight, Folded and so on. This umbrella umbrella is mostly made of thin plastic, easy to damage, the price is cheap. The use of transparent umbrellas is generally the majority of ladies.

Advertising umbrella as a modern and innovative advertising carrier, with a large flow, colorful and good visual effects, the design is not limited, the structure can be arbitrarily selected and beautiful and durable, high quality and other advantages of a variety of advantages, as corporate advertising Publicity an important form of advertising umbrella has other forms of advertising unparalleled advantages:

1 ﹑ mobility: advertising umbrella has come where the advertising where to do the advantages;

2 ﹑ inexpensive: advertising umbrella with low advertising costs, the manufacturing process is fast, the impression that consumers and other advantages;

3, the actual use of wide: advertising umbrella with cloudy shelter, rain rain, sunny shade function, is an indispensable daily life of men and women;

4, advertising a long time: advertising umbrella long life, long-term advertising for enterprises, is a reliable way of advertising.

Design Notes:

Solar umbrella inflatable aircraft is composed of paragliding, solar cells, propellers, brushless motors and control parts. The reason why the use of paragliding restructuring, rather than the design of solar aircraft, is around in 2001 to know that the Americans have applied for a patent in China's solar aircraft, in order not to infringe, but also because the energy of solar cells in a long time can not make Aircraft flying at high speed, and low-speed flight can be achieved (such as the US solar aircraft), but also taking into account the use of inflatable paragliding both good power gliding ability, but also the same weight as the same weight, Good torsion, bending ability, so the use of inflatable paraglider's wings, the installation of solar cells, brushless motor and other components.

implementation plan:

Install the paraglider with air (restructure) (seal the front air intake and install the corresponding shape of the airbag) to make its shape unchanged. 2. In the upper surface of the inflatable paraglider through the bracket to install the propeller, brushless motor, remote control (manned do not), solar cells made of unmanned solar paragliding.

Second, innovation:

1. Paragliding inflatable wing, you can reduce the weight (with other materials with the volume ratio), can also overcome the original parachute parachute, collapse and so on. And has a strong ability to resist.

2. Its flight safety is extremely high, because it is inflatable paraglider, but also because the flight speed is slow, so the stall speed is low, so even if the air lost power, can also be a paragliding safety landing. This is also more security than other aircraft where the advantages.

3. Flight time is long, due to solar power. Theoretically, can fly at least one night, several weeks or even longer.

4. The use of paragliding excellent low-speed non-powered gliding ability. (Paragliding flight record 17 hours)

5. To convert solar energy into electricity to fly the aircraft, in order to achieve environmental protection, pollution, do not consume the existing traditional energy.

6. Have their own intellectual property rights, and the Americans in China to apply for a patent for solar aircraft without infringement.

Third, the application prospects:

Aerial reconnaissance, communications, advertising aerial, surveillance of fire, environmental monitoring, remote sensing and so on.

The United States, Israel, Japan and other countries are actively carrying out research on solar aircraft.

Purchase method

1, the young girl can choose the colorful decoration of the fine silk umbrella or nylon umbrella; also optional in the women's bag collection, easy to carry three nylon folding umbrella.

2, young men require light, flexible, optional vivid nylon two or three folding umbrella;

3, the elderly slow action, optional 55 to 65 cm different specifications of the light nylon face plum long handle umbrella, sunny can also umbrella on behalf of the stick to help.

4, children lively, good move, optional umbrella top for the spherical plastic cap, umbrella bone end of the plastic hedge children umbrella umbrella to protect the safety.

Classification of umbrella quality

Check the quality of the umbrella, pay attention to the following points:

① umbrella full, no off-line phenomenon.

② continuous opening 5 to 6 times, shoulder can not fall off, support key should be solid.

③ handle, stems, bone, surface should be intact, electroplating parts should be smooth.

④ fabric rain performance should be strong, nylon umbrella should be blowing through.

⑤ automatic umbrella open button should be flexible; gently shaking, not to open their own.