Umbrella Rainy Day Makes People Feel Romantic

- Jun 22, 2017-

An Umbrella is a shade or a tool for covering rain and snow. Generally made of oil paper, tarpaulins or plastic cloth. Umbrella Umbrella from Latin Umbra, with shade, shadows mean. Umbrella production materials usually include ductile fabrics, and other materials that can be used as skeletons. The main purpose of the Umbrella in the initial invention was to block the sun, but now it is most often used as a tool for rain and rain. Other effects of the Umbrella include as an ornament, crutches and even weapons, Hong Kong's old and famous Umbrella is one of the Umbrellas can be weapons.

The Revelation of Hip Chi, Hu Chi, Umbrella. Bitter cold wind blowing, I was not cold, because there is a tolerance of small Umbrella for my shelter. Crashed, crashed Cold rain rushed to me, I am not wet. Because there are persistent little Umbrella for my rain. And the burning sun shone on my body, but I'm not hot at all. That's the little Umbrella that loves me for the sun.

Rain, pick up the Umbrella that moment, let me understand a reason, with the Umbrella learn to do! Umbrella said: You do not wind rain for others, who will put you on the head. Rain shoes, said: people all the weight entrusted to me, I also care about what the mud in the water. In fact, when we care about others at the same time, will get the respect of others! "In good faith is the best way to harvest friendship! Learn to be grateful, learn to pay, learn to accept, learn to play, the world will give you way!

In China, the Umbrella was invented by Luban's wife in 1000 BC, and the Umbrella was called "mobile house". In the United Kingdom, in the 18th century began to use Umbrellas. Umbrella was once a woman's special products, that women's attitude towards love. Put the Umbrella up, that love is unswervingly; left hand holding the Umbrella, said, "I do not have free time now." The Umbrella slowly shaking, that there is no confidence or do not trust the Umbrella; the Umbrella against the right shoulder, that do not want to see you again By the nineteenth century men began to use Umbrellas.

As the British rainy, the Umbrella is an indispensable part of British life, a symbol of the traditional British way of life, as London businessmen and officials must have things, the British symbol - John cattle in the hands holding an Umbrella. In literary works, movies are indispensable things. Britain established the Umbrella museum in 1969. Umbrella there are many uses. Umbrellas are sometimes used as weapons. In 1978, a group of exiled Bulgarians on the Waterloo Bridge was assassinated with Umbrella stabbed, poisoned. Some Umbrella handle can be sprayed with pepper, used to stop the vicious dog chasing bite.