Umbrella UV Protection Is Best

- Jul 13, 2017-

Umbrella silver plastic coated fabric, silver plastic fabric is not only anti-UV effect, and the price is relatively cheap. When used to pay attention to silver coating do not rain, rain will damage the umbrella coating, reduce sunscreen effect. Use a long time umbrella, silver plastic coating will be aging black, and sometimes you can find a coating of the seal, this is because the climate drying coating shrink, need to replace the new umbrella to ensure sunscreen effect.

Two new fabrics TC yarn-dyed fabric is a new type of fabric that can be washed and does not affect the sunscreen effect. Transmittance is not high, the wavelength of 380,300,220 nm of the basic UV can be completely blocked. UV 250-400 nanometer band most likely to cause human skin and hair and other sunburn, dry. There is also a laser punching fabric, woven through the high-density process, the surface of the fabric with a lot of refraction particles, each small point will rotate with the light position to change the color, play a role in the scattering of ultraviolet light. These two fabrics have the best UV protection effect, but the price is more expensive.

Three fashion fabrics fat thin silk, looks like lace, ultra-light and very beautiful, but this fabric's high transmittance, sunscreen effect is not good. Satin cloth, is a satin fabric, belonging to the polyester, anti-ultraviolet effect than silver plastic coated fabric weak. There is also a kind of fabric on the market called pearl tape, a certain reflection of the role of ultraviolet light, sunscreen effect is also worse than silver plastic coating fabric.

Uniform color depth through the detection of various colors of polyester fabric on the UV penetration ratio, black fabric UV transmittance of 5%; dark blue, dark green, purple fabric UV transmittance of 5% -10%; green, Light red, light green, white fabric UV transmittance of 15%. Therefore, the same fabric, the color is darker than the color of the sunscreen effect is good. ,

The proper use of an umbrella is the best way to keep an umbrella. If you keep your umbrella, first look at how to use an umbrella. If used improperly, whether it is advertising umbrella or golf umbrella, and then how maintenance, umbrella life will not be very long. First look at the correct use of umbrellas six points:

1, open the umbrella when the first pull in the bar (mainly folding umbrella and can pull in the rod straight rod umbrella), release the buckle, about a few shaking, especially the thin and small folding umbrella to umbrella and umbrella Bone shaking loose and then open the umbrella, or easily lead to skeleton fracture, two fold umbrella for the HK bone bone bone, open the umbrella should be the first along the joints to break down and then break up and then open up, it is easier Open, open the umbrella should also develop the umbrella front against the direction of the wind to open the habit, because the umbrella stretch stage umbrella is not completely open support more fragile, this time if the back of the umbrella is the umbrella that side of the wind Blowing the words easily lead to broken ribs, especially the small three or five umbrella should pay attention.

2, the umbrella: the umbrella cloth on the original fold folded after a good buckle buckle, one hand holding the umbrella, single-handedly umbrella to the bottom of the stick shot into the note is to shoot, rather than push, and then hands Take the umbrella along the direction of the fold a few times, so that the umbrella cloth flat, and then along the direction of the fold into the umbrella, pay attention to screw into, rather than stuffed, and umbrella should also develop a good habit, that is Encountered the wind when the umbrella is best to let the umbrella side of the wind direction, so the umbrella is the most insurance, which is mainly based on the umbrella when the umbrella from the angle of the direction of the analysis of the force, but also for many years to study the umbrella The experience. ,

3, automatic umbrella before the umbrella must pay attention not to let the rope hook hook umbrella or open the umbrella when the tail will be broken, and if it is automatically open the umbrella, the time should also press the automatic opening button Umbrella automatically put away and then pull back away, avoid the umbrella is not open the button directly to the entire umbrella back to pull away, it is easy to automatically start to break.

4, the wind skeleton of the umbrella, the wind after the turn do not hand back to the umbrella, as long as the umbrella closed and then open to recover.

5, open the umbrella this issue, and finally I still want to remember a formula, that is: "wore the wind open, side of the wind!" This is my own years out of the tips, very easy to remember practical, we must To remember, and in the usual use of umbrella when the formula to do, so long time, you develop a good habit of using umbrella, it can save a lot of repair umbrella trouble, we will sell an umbrella Guests must also account for this formula.