Wood Bench Full Of Peace Of Mind, Close To Nature

- Oct 11, 2017-

Wooden home is the gift of nature for people, calm and restrained temperament, quiet and tranquil character. Make your life full of peace of mind, close to nature, heavy work to get a little liberation. And the old wooden home is the time of the precipitation,Wood Bench the years of ups and downs, in which, all the bothersome things have nothing to do with the tranquility of this life.

The old bench seems to have only appeared in childhood memories. Most often said jingle, the bench is wide, long pole, the bench is wider than the pole,Wood Bench the pole is longer than the bench, the pole to be tied to the bench,Wood Bench the bench will not let the pole tied to the bench, the pole side of the bench so that the pole tied to the bench. We can do a lot of things on this long bench.

A wooden stool, that is the case, it will always "tree" position, silently support from the part of the world. The history of the stool is not a glorious history of looking up, but a firm and straightforward history.

How to make a few pieces of wood in a few seconds into a stool? Show you such a change process. Looks like a simple and lightweight stool,Wood Bench the board is divided into two parts, part of which is a triangular stool, the other part is the support part, just use the triangular structural stability principle, and the stool support the inside The installation of a hidden hinge, play a stable and structural connection. This seemingly lightweight stool can withstand 130 kilograms of objects,Wood Bench supporting the legs on both sides of the shape of the size of the two runway hollow, is to facilitate the portable portable stool,Wood Bench while the two runway-shaped design also makes the bench body The design does not look like that dull, simple but not simply used to describe is the most appropriate not。