Wow, Our These Fitness Equipment In Neighborhoods Also Can Help Children To Grow Taller !

- Dec 07, 2017-


6-year-old potato especially like to play the uneven bars in the neigborhoods, each pass will grab the bar jump, so that the body swing in the air before and after a substantial swing.

Potato mother saw his son after the move mentioned his throat, for fear that children accidentally fell, so immediately ran to hold the child down. Potato Dad did not agree, but encouraged his son: "In fact, children play these equipment no fuss, to know Jordan relying on the hanging bar elongated 20cm!"

Indeed, studies have shown that children who regularly participate in physical activity are on average 4-8 centimeters taller than their peers who do not. Like the uneven bars, stretching the spine and promoting the growth of the spine, it will naturally help children grow taller.

Of course, not all community fitness equipment, can help children pull high. Especially for adults, "turn the waist, vertical swing board, space walking machine, twist waist, back massager," etc., but for the exercise legs, waist, abdominal muscles and cardiopulmonary function, and can not play the ligament pulling , Promote the spine, limbs and skeletal growth and stimulate epiphyseal cartilage hyperplasia role. If the child mishandled, it is still prone to sprain, injury, falls and other security risks.