Outdoor Wood Dustbin

Brand: Arlau
Material: wood, steel
Size: 400x300x800 mm
customized design: support

Product Details

Outdoor trash can can be divided into metal outdoor trash can, wooden outdoor trash can, environmental protection trash can, plastic trash can and other metal outdoor trash can durability is higher, damaged can still be recycled, so also known as environmental protection trash can.

Steel and wood trash can HT-GM002, the product is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate, plastic wood, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. The product color is: black gray, log color, specifications are 1000*400*980mm, this paragraph Plastic and wood sorting trash cans, HT-GM002 steel and wood trash cans can also be customized in size and color according to your specific needs, and can be printed with LOGO and text.For details, please refer to the instructions or consult customer service.

Woodiness outdoor dustbin has pure wood, batten, steel wood, anticorrosive wood to wait for a few kinds, the advantage of woodiness outdoor dustbin is simple sense is good with the environment easy coordination.Plastic dustbin is the plastic particles through high temperature heating into the mold injection, according to different occasions on the size of the dustbin demand can be injection different size of the dustbin.



Outdoor Wood Dustbin






Powder coating(Akzo Nobel) /Thermoplastic coating/Hot dip galvanizing etc for option

Mounting method

Flange surface mounted, free standing,embedded

Production time

10-30 days after receipt of deposit


Standard export packing

Payment term

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money gram









After the wood has been painted, it is still necessary to carry out professional polishing of the wood, so that the surface of the wood is very smooth before painting the wood.In addition, after the steel parts of the punch bin are made into finished products, they have to be polished, dusted, pickled and painted before they are used as components of the bin


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